Pork Jowl

$12 1.25-1.75# / Ships Frozen

If you don’t love pork fat, turn back now. This cut is a great option for dipping your toes into making bacon — it won't take up too much space in the fridge while curing. If you don't have a week to cure bacon, it can be braised and used to add extra flavor to ramen or vegetable-heavy dishes. The Jowls may be an approachable size but this is not a cut you want to eat alone in one sitting due to the richness. Our pigs have an active lifestyle and varied diet which means the meat has more flavor than anything you’ll find at the grocery store. 

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In It?

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Each package of our Pork Jowls includes 2 jowls cut from our pasture and forest raised hogs.

You can turn this cut into bacon, braise, or make burnt ends but whatever method you choose, cook low and slow to allow excess fat to render.

Not just a piece of meat

Great flavor starts in the field. At Porter Road, we partner with farmers who raise their animals on pasture, for a difference you can taste.

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