Our Process

Pasture Raised in Kentucky and Tennessee

Buzzwords like 'cage-free' and 'organic' just don’t cut it for us. We vet our partners against the highest possible standards and regularly visit their farms to make sure the animals are raised outside, fed vegetarian feed, and given proper attention at every stage.

Hand-cut at our own facility

Our devotion to the animal continues at our facility in Kentucky, where we meticulously hand-cut every piece of meat, making sure nothing good goes to waste. There’s so much more to love than T-Bones and Ribeyes, and we want you to experience it all.

A Difference You Can Taste

We dry age all of our beef, which creates tenderness and an intense flavor that will completely change how you think about beef. You’ll notice that our chicken is a deep yellow in color, and our pork has a darker hue as well. This is a result of a healthy diet and outdoor exercise — you can actually taste the pastures they’ve been roaming in, so we keep our recipes simple, and let the meat speak for itself.

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