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Beef Bacon

Dry Aged

$13 1 lb / Ships Frozen

Beef Bacon is bacon… made out of dry aged beef. It has a similar texture to its pork equivalent, but because we use dry aged beef, the end result has a concentrated flavor unlike anything you have ever tasted. Watch our co-founder James explain what makes it so special. 

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In It?

meat location illustration

Our Beef Bacon comes from the beef's navel.

Cook Beef Bacon just like you would Pork Bacon. We suggest baking it in a 350°F oven for 12 to 20 minutes. We always say once you can smell bacon, stand by the oven because it is almost done.

Not just a piece of meat

Great flavor starts in the field. At Porter Road, we partner with farmers who raise their animals on pasture, for a difference you can taste.

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