Sirloin Filet

Dry Aged

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Looking for a steak on the lean side, but still want big flavor? Sirloin Filet is the answer. This dry-aged cut has a one-of-a-kind flavor that shines when this steak is seared and served rare. This boneless cut is a more readily available, and more budget-friendly alternative to the ever-popular Filet Mignon. Raised on pasture with no antibiotics and no hormones, this is beef you can feel great about. 

$12 Regular price $14
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In It?

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The Sirloin comes from the back part of the animal, where a muscle develops from moving around, roaming freely. This spot develops great flavor and provides a tender, juicy steak.

This cut is best served on the rarer side since it doesn't have much fat in or around it. Cook with high heat to develop a good char, but keep the inside nice and red. The more this cut cooks, the tougher it becomes.

Not just a piece of meat

Great flavor starts in the field. At Porter Road, we partner with farmers who raise their animals on pasture, for a difference you can taste.

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