Beef Back Ribs


If you’re like us and can’t help but gnaw the meat off the bone in your Bone-In Ribeye, you’re going to freak out over our dry aged Beef Back Ribs. We cut the bones off a whole Ribeye section, leaving plenty of the gorgeous marbled meat attached. These ribs smoke beautifully, creating juicy, beefy ribs that would make even the most serious Texas pitmasters proud.

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In It?

meat location illustration

These ribs are the same bones found on the Ribeye, located in the upper part of the back, closer to the shoulder. This is where you’ll find some of the most tender meat imaginable as it comes from softer, less-worked muscle fibers in the center of the steer.

Be patient and you’ll be handsomely rewarded. Low and slow is the name of the game with these racks of marbled ribs.

Not just a piece of meat

Great flavor starts in the field. At Porter Road, we partner with farmers who raise their animals on pasture, for a difference you can taste.

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