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While we’re off harvesting, dry-aging and hand-cutting your top choice, check out our Butcher’s recommendations and try something new and delicious.

Heart Steak

$8 0.5-0.75 Lbs / Ships Frozen

The heart is one big muscle and a delicious one at that. We trim away the tough sections leaving behind a steak that can be cooked like any other lean cut. These steaks have rich mineral flavor, and dense texture.

Note that this is one of the few beef cuts that is removed by our butcher before the dry aging process begins. Don't worry though — they still have a TON of flavor.

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We trim away the tough sections of the heart, leaving a dense and delicious steak. Our beef are never fed any antibiotics, hormones, or animal byproducts which makes for healthy animals and delicious offal.

This cut can be tough so we suggest that you sous vide it, or serve rare. You can also dice this cut to add to any number of dishes.