Make the Most of the Best of Porter Road

Your Best of Porter Road Box has arrived! What now?? 

Maybe you were gifted the Best of Porter Road Box, maybe your curiosity got the best of you and you just had to try a selection of our tempting offerings. Either way, you’ve got some epic meals ahead of you. Here are a few of our favorite ways to utilize our most adored cuts. 

Dry Aged Steaks

dry aged steak with pan sauce

Our pasture-raised, dry aged steaks don’t need much help, so put the marinades and rubs away. With a generous sprinkle of Kosher salt and a grind of pepper, these steaks have all the flavor you could possible want. That being said, if you’re feeling like you want to dress your meat up a bit, we suggest this simple pan sauce. If nothing else, it’s a great excuse to open up a bottle of wine.


Pork Chops

seared pork chops with balsamic jam

You might have noticed that your Pork Chops are a darker pink than you’re used to. That's because all of our pigs are raised outside, in woods and pasture, where they have room to move and explore. All that activity makes for happy pigs, and extra flavorful pork. Follow this simple recipe (especially the part about searing the fat!) and enjoy the flavor of pork that was raised right.


Ground Beef

dry aged beef burger

You surely have a dozen recipes in your repertoire that utilize Ground Beef, but we suggest keeping things simple so you can fully appreciate the dry aged flavor. It is cliché to suggest a burger? Who cares?


Pork Bacon

stuffed bacon wrapped dates

Salty, fatty, strips of joy. Our pasture-raised Pork Bacon is the ultimate meat treat. Eat it on it's own, make an epic breakfast sandwich, or spread the love and wrap some dates to share with your friends.


Country Sausage

savory sausage pinwheels

This sausage is one of our favorite items to keep on hand for rainy days. Made with pasture-raised pork, spices, and fresh ginger, this sausage has enough flavor to make any dish pop. Make patties for a breakfast sandwich, whip up a batch of Country Sausage Pinwheels to nosh on all day long, or steal the spotlight with the best holiday stuffing your family has ever tasted. 



fingerling potatoes with chorizo and creme fraiche

Mildly spicy and full of flavor, Chorizo is a fun way to get more flavor, and color, into your meal. Mix it with blue cheese for insane stuffed dates, crisp it up with fingerling potatoes, or make a big batch of Chorizo Queso for gameday.


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