Five Underrated Beef Cuts

Ribeyes, NY Strips, and Filet Mignon may be sexy, but you shouldn’t let your forays into cooking beef stop with the most fashionable cuts. We’ve selected five of our favorite under appreciated cuts to get you thinking outside of the box. With pasture-raised, dry aged beef, you can’t go wrong, but you can go extra right.

Blade Steak 

Cap Steak

This flat steak rests atop the beloved Ribeye and is one of beef’s unsung heroes. This is a true butcher’s cut; a delicious treat that our butcher’s have a hard time letting go.






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Denver Steak 


Bear with us for a second while we gush about this delicious and crazy versatile cut. One of our butchers lovingly dubbed this cut “butter meat” thanks to its rich flavor and tenderness. Also known as Boneless Short Rib, Denver Steak is one of those rare cuts that does well regardless of the cooking method- though it’s best rare or cooked low and slow. Braised, grilled, smoked, sous vide, or seared, you really can’t go wrong.



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 Chuck Eye Steak 


It baffles us that this beautifully marbled cut so often takes the back seat to Ribeye, which is a continuation of the same muscle group. Salt, pepper, and high heat are all you need to make this intensely beefy dry-aged steak shine. 





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Bavette Steak 


We couldn’t have a list of favorite cuts without including one of the quick-sear steaks. This cut cooks in under 10 minutes and is a true weeknight hero.  Similar to Skirt Steak, Flap has a myriad of uses; slice it for tacos and salads, or top with a simple pan sauce, or chimichurri.





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Boneless Sirloin Steak 


It’s commonly held wisdom that fat is flavor but Boneless Sirloin Steaks are a clear exception to this rule. This lean cut is a great alternative to it’s pricier counterpart, 
filet, so much so that we had a customer trick his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day by making the frugal swap. (We don’t condone this but, like a good bartender, we’ll keep your secrets.) 





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