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While we’re off harvesting, dry-aging and hand-cutting your top choice, check out our Butcher’s recommendations and try something new and delicious.

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Meater+ Smoking Kit


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The Pork Butt is the top half of the shoulder, not the actual butt. Since it’s a very hard-working muscle it must be cooked low and slow. It got its name during the colonial days when butchers transported the meat in barrels called “butts,” the actual behind of the pig is where ham comes from. This bundles includes a Half Pork Butt, plus a MEATER+ and 5 oz of our All Things Smoked Seasoning.

Low and slow is the name of the game. To achieve the desired fall-off-the-bone perfection, use your MEATER+ to cook your pork butt to 180°F, and keep it there for a few hours. This time allows the connective tissue to break down, and lessens the chance moisture will escape. You want your meat to be as dry as possible before rubbing it down with the All Things Smoked seasoning to build a good pellicle once your meat goes in the smoker.