All of our pigs are raised for us locally. We serve the freshest most delicious pork products around. We cut fresh pork Chops, Boneless Loin and Tenderloin to order as thick as you like.

For BBQ we cut Boston Butts, Spare Ribs, and St. Louis Style Ribs. But never baby backs, we save those for the chops. We also keep around some odds and ends for the more adventurous crowd. The rest of the pig we process into bacon, fresh sausages, and other deliciously porky products.

Rittenberry Farms

Rittenberry Farms, located in Burna, Kentucky is owned and operated by Joey Rittenberry along with his wife and four kids. Joey is a first generation farmer who spent 20 years cutting timber before he switched over to raising beef in 1993. Currently, the Rittenberry’s have hundreds of hogs in addition to around 1,000 beef on their 5,500 acre farm.

All of the Rittenberry Farms hogs have access to woods and water to explore, as well as plenty of shelter with fresh bedding.