20150119_farmday_1_138Tennessee Grass Fed Hog Farm

Tennessee Grass Fed Hog Farm, owned by Phil Baggett of Tennessee Grass Fed Beef, and run by farmer John David Wilhelm, is located about an hour and a half north of Nashville in Lewisburg, KY. John David pasture raises his Tamworth-Berkshire cross hogs, giving them the most natural lives possible, and affording them the opportunity to roam and play out in the open fields like they were intended to. To supplement their natural diet, these hogs are fed exclusively GMO-free corn feed and are never given any antibiotics or hormones. Even from the beginning, these piglets are given the best opportunity for a healthy life, as they are born and weaned in a large, spacious barn with plenty of room for birthing, feeding, and wiggling around. We are thrilled to call TNGF Hog Farm home to our incredibly delicious pork products.