In addition to local meats and dairy products, we also offer a variety of local and regional market products. We sample each product before putting it onto the shelves, which means we know they’re good. We sell a variety of items, ranging from nut butters to barbecue sauces to small batch pasta all the way to chili base. Take a look at some of the excellent items we have to offer:

Betty Jo’s Slaw
From: Huntsville, AL
About: The seven Johnson sisters have been making their mama Betty Jo’s slaw for as long as they can remember, and selling it since she passed away over five years ago. Betty Jo had a passion for delicious and soulful southern cooking, but her mustard and vinegar based slaw was by far a family favorite. When she passed in 2007 her daughters decided to share the recipe with the public.

Big Spoon Roasters
From: Durham, NC
About: While working in Zimbabwe nearly 13 years ago, owner Mark Overbay learned the delicate art of making nut butters, but upon returning home discovered he could find no comparable product. Following 10 years of research, Mark perfected his craft and founded Big Spoon Roasters in 2011. Each small batch of butter is roasted, milled, and packaged while still warm, producing nut butters that are uniquely fresh, delicious, and nutritious.

Bluegrass Gourmet BBQ
From: Summersville, WV
About: What started out as a hobby from a family that loves to barbecue, the Bluegrass Gourmet BBQ sauces were created as a condiment used to enhance the flavor of their delicious old-time smoked meat. After years of trial and error, owner Jim Gilbert created the perfect combination of flavors to make a truly classic barbecue sauce, helping to provide that “Smoked to Perfection” flavor.

Bourbon Barrel Foods
From: Louisville, KY
About: Bourbon Barrel Foods was the first company in America’s to microbrew soy sauce, and they still hold that title today. Their “Bluegrass Soy Sauce” is made with KY grown non-GMO soybeans, soft red winter wheat, and limestone filtered KY water and is then aged in repurposed bourbon barrels for a year. While this smoky and slightly sweet soy sauce is likely their most popular and well-known product, we’re also huge fans of their worcestershire sauce, “Kentuckyaki” marinade, and Woodford Reserve sorghum vinaigrette. Really, anything that involves bourbon has our number.

Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon
From: Waynesville, NC
About: As avid supporters of responsible stewardship and local, sustainable agriculture, CP-WS produces their products in small batches from only natural, local, and seasonal ingredients. In order to prepare their small-batch jams, savory spreads, and pickled veggies they source their produce from a variety of local Western Carolina farmers, ensuring the best and most delicious possible products.

Falls Mill Grits
From: Belvidere, TN
About: Built in a lush green cove along the banks of Factory Creek, Falls Mill was originally built in 1873 as a cotton and wool factory, but has since been converted to serve a number of different purposes. Today however, the waterwheel powers millstones in order to produce southern stone-ground flour, cornmeal, and grits.

Ed Johnson Honey
From: Goodlettsville, TN
About: Ed Johnson, with upwards of 80 birthdays under his belt, has been caring for bees for almost his entire life. His grandfather bought his first hives back in 1818 and Ed was immediately taken with the bees and with the therapeutic effects of beekeeping. Though he was a produce peddler for most of his career, towards the end of his life he decided to focus on beekeeping and has dedicated his time towards production of pure, delicious, sweet honeys.

Further Farms
From: Nashville, TN
About: Charlie Tambellini, the owner and founder of Further Farms has been a customer and friend of PRB’s for a while–we met him back in our farmer’s market days–so when we decided we wanted to start our own condiment and spice line, we knew who to talk to. Further Farms are the creators that concoct out PRB Brand classic Ketchup and Mustard, who blend our extensive line of expertly mixed spices, and also provide us with all the bulk spices we need to make sausages and pates and things in the shop.

From: Nashville, TN
About: Locally roasted here in Nashville, Grounds2Give is a Nashville-born coffee brand that seeks to good for both the local and global communities. Locally they partner with Project Connect to help the homeless get on their feet and integrated into society, and globally they work with the Compassion organization, which helps relieve children from impoverished living worldwide. G2G gives 10% of the profits to these organizations, which means that your cup o’ joe goes towards a lot more than just waking you up!

Muddy Pond Sorghum
From: Monterey, TN
About: During the months of September and October, the Guenther family at Muddy Pond is cranking out sorghum like it’s their job…which, well, it is. And has been since the 1960’s. Their sorghum syrup is 100% pure with no additives and is made the old fashioned way, from the horse-drawn mill to the wood-fired steam locomotive that boils the cane juice down into syrup. This stuff is the real deal.

Nashville Jam Company
From: Nashville, TN
About: When Cortney and Gary realized they were yielding too much produce from their garden, they decided to turn their excess into jams, but they never imagined the incredible response it would receive. Soon they were making peach habanero and strawberry jalapeño jams so much, they thought it might be worth their while to make a profit off it. NJC started selling their jams at the Murfreesboro Farmer’s Market and since then have expanded their business to include their Ava & Zoe condiment line and have presence in both local and major groceries, spanning from Nashville, TN to Austin, TX.

Nicoletto’s Pasta Co.
From: Nashville, TN
Danny and Ryan Nicoletto are brothers with a passion for pasta. Operating out of their East Nashville shop, they crank out small-batch dried and fresh pastas of all shapes and sizes. They source different types of flours exclusively from mills they can trust, and they put said flour to use almost the instant they receive it so as to lock in both the nutrients and the flavor. Just water and flour are the ingredients that make these long- and short-cut noodles, but the time, care, and love that goes into making them help really set them apart. Read more here.

Nikki’s Hot Ass Chips
From: Memphis, TN
About: A home cook with a knack for blending seasonings, Nikki Schroeder always enjoyed playing around with spices as a means of jazzing up her meals. Sprinkling spices on anything from chicken to veggies, she eventually struck gold on a particularly spicy blend and decided to brand it as her own. Her spice-loving Memphis friends raved when she added the spice to a city-wide favorite, wings, and began asking for it by name: that “hot ass seasoning.” From there, Nikki developed her spice-spiked kettle chips, and is constantly working on creating more Hot Ass products.

Outta The Park Eats
From: Carey, NC
About: What do you get when you put together a Harvard and UNC Chapel Hill graduate who are passionate about eating healthy, natural, real food? Scott and Beth Granai, the founders of Outta The Park Eats. With a standard for making their sauces using organic produce and zero chemicals, additives, high-fructose whatever or GMO’s, you can feel a little better about dousing your meal in their delicious and healthy home-made sauces.

Pop’s Pepper Patch
From: Louisville, KY
About: After retiring in 1993 Bob “Pops” Kamman, an avid gardener with plenty of pickle-able produce and lots of time on his hands, decided to do a little experimenting in the kitchen. His first year of sales totaled at a whopping $400 but undeterred, Pops continued to try new flavor combinations and played around with new ideas. Once the public got wind of his smoky and spicy chipotle sauce, things took off for Pops and he’s been going full throttle ever since. Our Sweet n’ Spicy Pickles and Pickled Beets are made by Pops specially for PRB!

Rainwater Farm
From: Maryville & Nashville, TN
About: Back in the olden days, before science came in and took over everything, people made soap from tallow. Tallow is the rendered kidney fat from a cow, and when its mixed together with coconut oil and olive oil, it creates a pretty magical bar of soap. That’s how Rainwater Farm makes theirs. Best of all, they use our beef tallow (which means the soap is even more awesome) so we’re pleased to be able to offer it to our customers at our shops. Not only do we make you healthier from the inside out with good local meat, but now we can help you get healthy from the outside out as well. Read more here.

Single Barrel Sauce Company
From: Louisville, KY
About: Born out of Louisville, KY, The Single Barrel Green Tomato Barbecue Sauce is created using the same tradition of Kentucky bourbon distillers—and you know we love everything about bourbon. Just like a batch of single barrel bourbon, the chef tastes and tweaks every small batch of his smoky green tomato barbecue sauce, which gives every batch a distinct and delicious flavor, unlike anything else you’ve ever tried! Try it in these recipes.

Somewhere Place Else Farm
About: Somewhere Place Else farm has been pickling, canning, and creating delicious canned goods for years now out of their USDA and FDA certified facility. Along with pickled produce, which they try to source out of their extensive garden, they also create a variety of specialty items like Pop’s Chili, their Damned Hot Sauces, and our famous PRB Beef Stock.

Uncle Bunk’s
From: Sisterville, WV
About: Growing up on a farm in W. Virginia, Lawrence Young Jr., dubbed “Bunk,” learned the art of gardening and began canning everything he could get his green-thumb on. As an adult he gardened and canned mainly as a hobby, but upon retiring his nieces and nephews urged him to sell his products and start a business, hence “Uncle Bunk’s.” Uncle Bunk’s has won high praise for their pickles, mustards, and relishes, and high marks from us too!

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