Tavalin FarmTavalin Tails

Located about 35 minutes south of Nashville in College Grove, Tennessee, Tavalin Tails farm sits right in between the Harpeth River and one of Nashville’s leading organic produce growers, Delvin Farms. This 220 acre farm is home to some of the most spoiled-rotten sheep in Tennessee, claims owner Brandon Tavalin. Not only do Tavalin’s sheep graze on a beautiful open fields filled with the likes of clover, fescue, and oats, but they’re also lucky enough to have a heat “oasis,” situated under the trees that run along the riverbanks. The unique breed of sheep they raise, called Katahdin, is the only breed of hair sheep in the US that is bred specifically for producing delicious and high quality meat, so these animals spend their entire lives grazing, scratching, rooting, and roaming in the lush and humid Tennessee environment, just the way they were designed to. Akin to their organic neighbors, Tavalin is organic-minded as well: they use no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics or growth hormones, but instead strive to mimic nature by sticking to earth, water, minerals, compost, and careful management of the land and animals.