Sequatchie Cove

Sequatchie Cove Farm is a diversified farm sitting on 300 acres just 35 minutes northwest of downtown Chattanooga in South Pittsburgh, Tennessee. The unique breed of sheep that they raise, called Katahdin, is the only breed of hair sheep in the US that is bred specifically for producing delicious and high quality meat. Their animals spend their entire lives grazing, scratching, rooting, and roaming in the lush and humid Tennessee environment, just the way that animals were designed to live. Sequatchie uses no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones, but instead strives to mimic nature, sticking to just earth, water, compost, and careful management of the land and animals. The sheep are moved to fresh pastures each day, which produces a high quality forage, and ultimately leads to the best quality and healthiest product to fill your belly.