Willow Farms

Willow Farm is a locally owned family farm in Summertown, Tennessee with a love and passion for both happy hens and pasture raised eggs. With the opportunity to roam from daylight to dark, all of Willow Farm’s hens are 100% free range, with access to as much fresh air, sunshine, green grass, bugs, and seeds as their little hearts desire. Their Rhode Island Red, Red Comet and White Leghorn hens live on upwards of 20 acres, giving them the opportunity to roam, forage, and eat plenty of fresh grass–their main diet staple. Willow Farm gives the highest quality of care to their hens, leading to an excellent quality egg with richly colored yolks, firm whites, and beautifully thick brown and white shells. Of course, they use absolutely no antibiotics or steroids on their flock, and their green pasture lacks any chemicals as well. Their temperate location allows for the hens to roam all year round, meaning delicious, healthy, and hearty eggs are available 12 months a year!