Bear Creek

Bear Creek Farm, a sustainable grass-fed, grain-finished cattle farm, raises all-natural Angus beef in a responsible and humane way. They rely on outstanding genetics and Certified Humane practices to produce healthy, tasty beef without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They have raised cattle on their 1,400 acre farm located in Leipers Fork, TN for over 20 years.

Sequatchie Cove

Sequatchie Cove Farm is a diversified farm on 300 acres located 35 minutes northwest of downtown Chattanooga. Their animals spend their entire lives grazing on open pastures. They graze, scratch, root, and roam the way the animals were designed to do. They use no pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, antibiotics, or growth hormones, just earth, water, compost, and careful management.

TN Grass Fed

Tennessee Grass Fed has been a family farm since 1837. They started the transformation to grass-fed farming five years ago. Their goal is to heal and improve the land while producing wholesome products of which they can be proud. They firmly believe the animal protein portion of our diet should come from livestock raised on their natural diet of grass and one not containing added hormones or other additives. For beef, that means high-quality grass provided in non-confined open pastures. Being good stewards of our land and the cattle we are raising is essential to us. This philosophy makes sense from personal, business, and environmental perspectives. Using effective grazing management practices and the right combination of warm- and cool-season grasses requires less input of chemical fertilizers and fossil fuels. Not feeding concentrated grains further reduces our carbon footprint to well below that of traditionally finished cattle. We were raised to believe our good name was the result of our behavior and how we treated people. Growing and selling our cattle locally in greater Middle Tennessee and south central Kentucky supports our commitment to personal service and customer satisfaction.

Windy Acres

Windy Acres Farm in Orlinda, Tennessee produces and sells certified organic grains, grass fed beef and grass fed lamb. They grow a variety of organic grains, including wheat, barley, spelt, clear and dark hilum soybeans, buckwheat, white and yellow corn, and hairy vetch. Their beef and lamb are 100% grass fed. They are committed to the stewardship of the land and animals in their care. Windy Acres farm is USDA Certified Organic by Quality Certification Services and is protected by a conservation easement administered by the Land Trust for Tennessee.