Our chickens are raised locally and therefore come in to the shop extremely fresh. We keep our chickens in the cooler to make sure they remain as fresh as possible. To further ensure their deliciousness, our chickens are not butchered until they are ordered.

Chicken Breasts, Legs, Wings, and Thighs are all cut to order for each customer. We also offer whole chickens that you can take home and cut up however your heart desires!

Jolly Barnyard

Jolly Barnyard is a small family farm located Ashland City, TN, owned and run by Samuel Yoder and his 13 children. Not only do Samuel and his entire family put their hearts and souls into running their farm and raising these chicks, but they also find great joy and satisfaction from providing nutritional products to their community using a friendly and direct “producer-to-consumer” business model. All of their poultry is raised freely on pasture, fed exclusively GMO-free feed, and protected from predators by their chicken coops. Samuel and his children care for the chickens every morning by moving the coops to new fresh pastures, which ensures the birds always have fresh food available. The folks at Jolly Barnyard follow the Polyface Principles, which sits upon foundations of good stewardship of both the land and animals, offers complete transparency with all customers, and focuses on serving their community through healthy and delicious products. The poultry produced by Jolly Barnyard is flavored by the pasture and the natural forage from the chicken diet, which leads to incredibly tender and flavorful poultry.