Poultry & Eggs

Our poultry and eggs come from Jolly Barnyard in Ashland City, Tennessee. The farm, owned and operated by Samuel Yoder and his family, embodies the best farming practices benefitting the consumer. Jolly Barnyard places equal emphasis on stewardship of the land and animals; transparency with customers; and a superior product.

Jolly Barnyard’s birds have access to lush pasture and GMO-free feed. The egg-laying hens are given free reign of large pasture by day and have clean and spacious coops to reside in at night. While the meat birds cannot be left to roam freely due to predators, their trailers rest directly on the pasture and are moved daily to give the birds access to fresh vegetation and grub. Because of the nature of this primarily outdoor operation, we are unable to carry fresh chicken during the colder months, but we receive regular deliveries of frozen birds. As with all of our meats, chickens can be cut to order.

The butcher shop also offers whole ducks, cut to order, from Wedge Oak Farm in Lebanon, Tennessee.