Kenny’s Farmhouse

Kenny’s Farmhouse has raised milking cattle on their family’s 200-acre farm since the early 1990’s. In 1998 they began producing cheese as a way to add value to their products, and their production of cheesy deliciousness has increased every year since. At Kenny’s, they raise their cows with the absence of any hormones or antibiotics, and supplement their cattle’s pasture diet with corn and hay that is grown on their farm. Kenny’s Farmhouse produces all of their cheese by hand and on site in a modern cheese making facility, and we are proud to sell their delicious products at both our west and east locations.

photo (40)The Bloomy Rind

Kathleen Cotter is the “Big Cheese,” of her cheese business The Bloomy Rind, but she’s better known in the culinary world as a cheesemonger. Unlike a cheese-maker, cheesemongers don’t actually make cheese but rather they deal in collecting and then selling cheeses, which is exactly what Kathleen does. With an emphasis on American artisan cheeses, she focuses on sourcing her products locally and regionally but also brings in cheeses from all over the country. In line with Porter Road’s mission and ideals, she sources her cheese exclusively from cheese-makers who pasture raise their animals, stray from antibiotics, and sustainably produce their products. You can find her and 40-50 of her delicious, cut-to-order cheeses at our East location, and about 8-12 varieties at our West shop.