Our beef is locally-raised and come into the shop in full sides after dry aging a minimum of fourteen days. We process the beef three times a week to insure the freshest products to our customers. When available we offer cut to order Bone-In Ribeyes, Bone-In Strips, Tenderloin, Sirloin and a variety of other beautiful Butcher Steaks. We also offer T-Bones and Porterhouses but by pre-order only. But we strive to use every piece of the beef.

We also get a variety of roasting and braising meats; Top, Bottom, and Eye of Round, Sirloin Tip, Chuck, Short Ribs, Shanks. We offer great BBQ items from our cows to like Brisket or Texas Style Ribs. The trim from the whole dry aged cow becomes our ground beef that we grind fresh daily. Our Bones are also available at the shop for stocks or you can just grab one of our rich pre-made stocks.

We can get any cut you need if it comes from a cow, sometime we may just need some time.