Meat Processing

Porter Road Butcher Meat Company

Formerly Kentucky Specialty Meats, Kow Kutters 


At Porter Road Butcher Meat Company we hold true the same values as we do at Porter Road Butcher: we value high quality products, humane treatment of animals, and superior service to our customers.

Porter Road Butcher Meat Company was the final step for us to take to make sure our product is the best. Doing our own slaughtering and meat processing ensures that the animals receive proper care until the very end of their lives. Just a couple minutes of mistreatment in the last 15 minutes of an animals life can affect the taste of the meat and ruin all of the hard work a farmer has devoted to their animals. We’re committed to humane treatment and excellent products.

PRB Meat Co. offers a variety of services, including wholesale, bulk sale, slaughter, and processing for most four-legged animals. Our goal is to offer a premier service to both farmers and the community so they can receive the most delicious and healthiest products available.

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1402 Hopkinsville St.
Princeton, KY 42445
(270) 365-5008

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