Grounds 2 Give – Locally Roasted Coffee with a Global Impact

Second to oil, coffee is one of the highest traded commodities in the entire world. And you’ve gotta admit, it makes a lot of sense: oil makes the world go round due to it’s ability to transport both ourselves and our things from point A all the way to point Z, and similarly coffee makes the world go round due to it’s ability to jump-start our brains, giving us human beings actual working functionality.

We folks at Porter Road Butcher are no exceptions to this universal addiction to coffee. When Nora comes in to the shop at the crack of dawn to bake steaming hot biscuits, she is able to do so with the aid of a hot cup of coffee; when James wakes up before the roosters crow on Thursday mornings to drive to Cherry Creek and secure some fresh piggies, he makes it there in one piece due to the carafe of café that’s stowed in his center console.

And although it would be inexpensive to grab a bag of Folger’s best from the grocery, and easy to hit up Starbucks for a venti, sugar-free, no-whip, soy mochachino, we Porter Road peeps don’t venture down those roads: we are committed to our mission of eating and drinking as sustainably and locally as possible—coffee ain’t no exception. Grounds 2 Give is PRB’s coffee of choice because it is roasted and packaged in Nashville, but the good that it does extends worldwide. This is not your average cup of Joe.

Grounds 2 Give Coffee, available at Porter Road Butcher, is roasted in Nashville, TN Of course, coffee certainly isn’t grown or harvested anywhere within a two-hour driving radius of Nashville—or of the United States for that matter—but we do our part to support the “local coffee economy” by selecting beans that are roasted in these parts.

Karen Goodlow, the brains behind it all, came up with the idea for Grounds 2 Give about 13 months ago in early 2013, and we’ve been selling and drinking her coffee ever since we first got wind of it.

After being laid off from a job that lacked integrity in late 2012, Karen saw an opportunity for positive change in her career and made the decision to turn her professional life around. With an itch to get involved in work that held some moral weight, she began a conversation with her friend Larry Hunt, an Old Hickory-based coffee roaster who roasts for local favorites like Portland Brew and Chef’s Market, and an idea began to take shape.

Grounds 2 Give is a Nashville-born coffee brand that seeks to do good for both the local and global communities. Locally, G2G partners with Project Connect, an organization with a mission to help the homeless get on their feet and get them integrated back into society. Globally, G2G works on a sponsor system with the Compassion organization, which helps relieve children all over the world from impoverished living. Grounds 2 Give is committed to giving 10% of their profits to these non-profit organizations, but they are currently exceeding that percentage due to the lack of profits coming in.

Karen Goodlow, Founder of Grounds 2 Give“Grounds 2 Give is still pretty new and we’re trying to work on our marketing and packaging as a means of helping our brand…” said Karen, “But our hope is to start selling more and more of our delicious coffee to the local Nashville community so that we can sponsor more children and help more people. As a person who has been given so much, I find that that is my grounds to give; I want to give back to other people.”

With a wide variety of coffee, all of which boast delicious and rich aromas, we’d be willing to bet that any and everyone will find a variety that they like from G2G’s wide selection. But best of all you’ll feel twice as amazing after drinking it, armed with the knowledge that your caffeine-jolt goes towards two good causes: awakening our brains and helping those who are less-fortunate.

Currently Porter Road Butcher is proud to be the only location in Nashville currently selling Grounds 2 Give coffee, and we are so honored to lay claim to that title. Available both in our marketplace and in our breakfast drive-thru, we offer the best, most delicious, locally roasted coffee to go hand-in-hand with the other regional and local items that we sell.

So the next time you find yourself stuck in the coffee aisle, perusing the endless flavors, brands, and styles that seem so exciting yet confusing; the next time you find yourself knee-jerking over to the Starbucks drive-through to grab your daily grande; or the next time you find yourself angrily staring into the horrible sight that is an empty jar or bag of coffee, make a simple change: find your grounds to give to Grounds 2 Give.

We all know this coffee addiction isn’t going away any time soon, so choose to turn your addiction into positive action by eliminating impoverished living in Nashville and across the globe!


Grounds 2 Give Coffee Varieties:
South American: Brazil, Colombia, Peru 
Central American: Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras
Indonesian: Bali, Java, Sumatra, Papua New Guinea,
African: Tanzania Peaberry, Kenya AA, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian Sidamo, Ethiopian Harrar, Rwanda   
Decaf: Colombia, Brazil, Sumatra, and Peru