Porter Road Butcher Breakfast In Bed

IMG_4114The seemingly awful news may have reached you- we’ve done away with weekday breakfast and are only doing Saturday brunch now (8am-12pm). Don’t fret too much though, both shops have everything you need to make a Porter Road Butcher bacon and/or sausage, egg and cheese biscuit at home with minimal effort.

Both the biscuits and sausage, which can be found in the freezer sections, need only be removed from their vacuum sealed bags and put in the oven at 350°. The beautiful biscuits, made by Wolfe Gourmet Cakes with Porter Road Butcher Meat Company lard are amazing, and made even better with a light layer of melted butter. Couldn’t be easier! 


Egg souffle is a breeze!

The only element of the sandwich that takes any effort at all is the egg soufflé. Sure, you can use scrambled or fried eggs, but the airy soufflé is not only delicious, but makes it far more easy to cook for a crowd.

For six sandwiches, I used eight Jolly Barnyard eggs, and half a cup of Hatcher Family Dairy heavy cream. Meghan, our kitchen guru, told me that it was imperative that they be fully combined, and that I should whisk until the volume had almost doubled. Being the lazy cook that I am, I just tossed it all in the kitchen Aid, and let it do it’s thing while I made coffee.

IMG_4151After pouring the eggs into a two quart Pyrex dish, I gave it a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and a liberal layer of grated Kenny’s Farmhouse cheddar, then tossed it into the oven with the other goods.

25 minutes later, I was enjoying a Porter Road Butcher breakfast at home in my pajamas.

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