Treat Yoself – Go out to mEAT in Nashville

If there’s one thing that we love, it’s when you, our customers, friends, and family stop by the butcher shop. We really, really do.

And like, duhhh.

Because really, this is what it communicates to us when you walk into Porter Road Butcher time and time again: it means you want to buy our product (hooray!); it means you might already be a fan of what we have to offer (score!); and it also means that all of the hard work that our crew has been putting in each and every day is going to pay off (fist bump!) when that meat rolls out the door.

However, by buying meat from Porter Road Butcher it also inadvertently leaves you with the task of thinking, planning, and ultimately cooking.

And don’t get us wrong—we love cooking—the Porter Road Butcher team is a group of food-obsessed culinarians, after all. Cooking is something that we actually like to do for fun.

That being said, we also love going out to eat, thus leaving the thinking, planning, and ultimately cooking to someone else. We love sitting down at a table that isn’t our own, ordering a cocktail for someone else to craft, carefully selecting an item from the menu, and then widening our eyes in excitement once it makes its way onto the table and finally into our mouth. And all the while, smirking at ourselves for never lifting a finger.

But you want to know what we love even more than going out to eat? We love—and we’re talking luuuuhve—going to a restaurant and being met with the opportunity to eat Porter Road Butcher meat…that someone else has prepared. That’s what we like to call a win-win situation.

With Porter Road Butcher Meat Company taking over most of our pre-existing wholesale accounts in addition to starting up some new accounts of their own, Porter Road Butcher products are becoming more readily available at some of your favorite restaurants all across town. And if you ask us, that doesn’t suck.

So you want to know where you can go in order to have such an experience? Of course you do. Let us show you the way…

Porter Road Butcher mEAT Map

Here’s Where We At:
51st Kitchen  [Sylvan Heights]
Bagel Face  [East Nashville]
The Band Box, First Tennessee Park  [Germantown]
Beer Pale  [Sylvan Park]
The Crow’s Nest  [Green Hills]
Flip Burger  [Sylvan Park]
Gambling Stick  [East Nashville]
Germantown Café  [Germantown]
Grilled Cheeserie  [Food Truck]
Hoss’s Loaded Burgers  [Food Truck]
Hurry Back  [West End]
Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint*  [Germantown]
Kate’s Kitchen  [Franklin]
Moto  [The Gulch]
Otaku South  [The Gulch]
The Post  [East Nashville]
The Riverside Grillshack*  [East Nashville]
Stone Fox  [Sylvan Heights]
The Sutler*  [8th Ave]

*indicates restaurants that offer PRB meats on an occasional and/or irregular basis

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