Butcher’s Cut Friday

Butcher's Cut Friday - Presented by Porter Road Butcher, Hosted by the Crow's NestThere’s something to be said about going out for a good dinner.

Because a lot can be said about your meal based on the restaurant in which you ate it.

For example, when sinking your teeth into the $9 Meat Lovers Pork Chop dinner from the Waffle House, one’s expectations remain fairly modest; but if you were to instead order the 8 oz. Waygu Strip steak at a fancy, local, premium steakhouse—costing you a pretty $65—you’d likely go to dinner sockless, thus eradicating the hassle of having them knocked off. You know that at an upscale restaurant, you’ll get great food.

But really, location shouldn’t have to be the determining factor.

Cause here’s the thing: excellent food and casual dining can go hand-in-hand. They’re not mutually exclusive. I mean, I’m sorry but when exactly did flip-flops become inversely related to good food? How is it that a silk tie and matching pocket square somehow evoke deliciousness from the chef and line cooks who don’t even have the ability to see said decorative male accessories? Are they really related?

I’m willing to wager that at least 80% of Americans would stand behind the notion that great food would be even greater if their toes weren’t crammed into a pair of stilettos or if the circulation in their necks wasn’t cut off by the tie tethered around their necks.

Shouldn’t going out to eat be both scrumptious and relaxing? Shouldn’t we be able to find excellent quality food in an atmosphere that isn’t as stuffy as your right nostril during this time of year? Shouldn’t we celebrate the end of the workweek in a comfortable environment with a pint of good beer and a piece of good meat, and leave the preparation to someone else?

Yes we should. And now we can.

Porter Road Butcher, presenting Butcher's Cut FridayThe Crow’s Nest, whose motto is, “sometimes a bar; always a restaurant,” is now including, “sometimes a steakhouse” in their repertoire. On Friday nights to be exact.

We at Porter Road Butcher are teaming up with our friends at the Crow’s Nest to bring the best of the butcher to our favorite bar/restaurant in Green Hills: we’re calling it Butcher’s Cut Fridays.

Starting this Friday, November 14th, the Crow’s Nest will be selling different cuts of Porter Road Butcher meat for guests to enjoy from the comfort of their restaurant. Now you don’t have to worry about overcooking your meat or (even worse) biting your tongue instead of criticizing your loved one’s ill preparation. Nor are high-heels and silk ties a prerequisite to this fantastic Friday night feast.

Join us this Friday for our first edition of Butcher’s Cut Friday where we’ll be offering 10 oz. boneless strip steaks, accompanied with a side salad and your choice of side item. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax, wind down, and eat some amazing food!

Butcher's Cut Friday at The Crow's Nest, presented by Porter Road Butcher