Bacon’s Our Jam

Bacon is our JAM! Porter Road ButcherBacon. Second to dogs, it’s man’s best friend. Smokey and salty, crispy and flaky, plus available in tiny bits to add a boost to any meal sweet or savory, bacon is just one of those things that we (and presumably you) can’t get enough of. Not to mention, our bacon comes from hogs that grow up on an Amish farm where they can live their lives freely, happily, and piggishly, making ’em big and fat and overall delicious. No concrete slabs, nasty feed lots, or herds of angry squealing pigs, here. That’s why our bacon is best.

Coming in third place after 1) dogs and 2) bacon, man’s next best friend would probably have to be 3) whiskey. Whiskey’s got that same beloved smokey quality, a sweet vanilla-y deliciousness, is smooth and inviting, warms you up from the inside out, and also adds instant fun to breakfast, lunch, or dinner–in a different way than bacon.

So when we were invited to Midtown Wine & Spirits’ inaugural Nashville Wine & Food Festival this past Saturday at Riverfront Park and we heard that some of our friends Charlie and Andy Nelson (aka The Belle Meade Bourbon Boys) were gonna be there, we decided to form a friendly partnership. A partnership of Porter Road Butcher bacon and the Nelson’s Belle Mead Bourbon: Bacon n’ Whiskey Jam. Talk about a match made in heaven.

We made our Bacon n’ Whiskey Jam for Soup Sunday way back in February, adding it as a savory garnish to grace the top of our delicious pimento cheese soup. And on the Monday morning after, requests started pouring in to be able to purchase said smokey  savory spread in our shops. Of course we always take our customers’ cravings and desires into consideration, but if we made bacon jam for retail all the time, we would use waaay too much of our beautiful Amish bacon and thus leave waaay too little bacon for the takin’.

But since we got the same positive response on our PRB Whiskey Jam while at the Wine & Food festival over the weekend–or come to think of it, maybe it was the beautiful blonde Shakti Sisters who were serving our PRB Whiskey Jam that in reality elicited such a positive response–we decided to feed you bacon-lovers’ hearts and souls and will be offering Whiskey Jam in the shop for a limited time starting tomorrow.

But never fear- for those of you who aren’t quite so quick, we’re offering an alternative solution: we’re giving you the tools you need to make PRB Bacon n’ Whiskey Jam at home. Boom shacka lacka.

Not only is it a very simple recipe to follow, but it will also leave your kitchen smelling of bacon for at least three days following. Plus, you’re left with two whole cups of ready-to-eat, spreadable bacon deliciousness that wont leave grease spatters all over your stove and countertops each time you choose dive in. What could be better?

Bacon n’ Whiskey Jam

Man’s [second-to] Best Friends in a Jar

1.5 lbs. PRB Bacon – any kind of our bacon!
1 Tbs. unflavored gelatin
1 1/3 cup water
1/3 cup sugar
1 cup Belle Meade Bourbon

  1. Dice or chop bacon. Heat a heavy-bottomed pot or Dutch oven to medium and add bacon. Once browned, remove bacon from pan and pour off fat, reserving for delicious cooking later on down the road.
  2. Soften or “bloom” gelatin in 1/3 cup cold water.
  3. In a small saucepan, heat remaining water and sugar and bring to a boil. Remove from heat. Slowly whisk in bourbon until well incorporated. Carefully add bloomed gelatin and stir to combine.
  4. Add bacon to a large bowl and carefully pour bourbon-gelatin mixture over top and mix thoroughly. Transfer to a sheet tray and smooth to an even layer, then put tray in the fridge and allow to cool and firm up.
  5. If jam is too chunky, add it to a food processor or blender until desired consistency is reached. Then return to fridge in order for it to firm up again.
  6. Enjoy with…..literally anything. Cheese, crackers, eggs, toast, peanut butter, lettuce and tomato, plain, the possibilities are endless  🙂

Bacon Jam Hors d'ouevres