Porter Road Butcher Breakfast In Bed

The seemingly awful news may have reached you- we’ve done away with weekday breakfast and are only doing Saturday brunch now (8am-12pm). Don’t fret too much though, both shops have everything you need to make a Porter Road Butcher bacon and/or sausage, egg …

Our Favorite Football Fare, Reinvented

If there’s one thing sports fans and sports fakes alike can agree upon, it’s the joy that comes from gorging oneself on stadium food. The Nashville Sounds proved this point with the grand opening of their plush new stadium filled with *cough* delicious hot dogs *cough,* fully-loaded nachos, Nashville hot chicken, and tiny dots of ice cream served in a miniature baseball helmet.

Chicken Confit, AKA Chicken ConFAT

Once exclusively a mysterious noun that has in recent years morphed into a popular verb, confit’ing is an effective preservation technique—derived by our refrigerator-less French ancestors—that relies on fat to protect the delicious prize inside. A liquid viscous enough to solidify at room temperature and provide a protective seal to block oxygen, fat prevents bacteria from proliferating in the meat and also renders what could otherwise be a regular ol’ chicken thigh ultra-tender and delicious.

Cooking Now, for Later: Chris’s Braised Brisket

“I hate figuring out what to make for dinner.” It’s a common complaint amongst most people who breathe. Although the act of sitting down to dinner affords one the opportunity to feel relaxed and at ease, it’s all the mess of things that come before the act of sitting and eating that really send our blood pressure into the stratosphere.

Let us Eggsplain…

Willow Farm’s hens are 100% free range, meaning they are given access to as much fresh air, sunshine, grass, bugs, and seeds as their little hearts desire. But sometimes all of that time in the sun can have a negative effect—particularly in the oppressive heat of the late summer.

#MyPRB | Kate Moore, owner GetFit615

Going on five years as a vegetarian and five months as a fitness instructor/business owner—who teaches upwards of 22 classes per week—in January of 2015 Kate Moore decided it was time to incorporate meat back into her diet as a way to fuel both her career and her lifestyle. She said, “When I started GetFit615 I could feel that I wasn’t getting enough nutrients from the food I was eating [as a vegetarian]. I was always hungry and tired.”